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Midnight Blue – Photography

You know sometimes your mind gets blown with an “of course!” moment, which by its very nature leads you to discover something you realize you could have figured out on your own?  I’m always a little embarrassed by those,

Ahhhhh yes. The Golden Hour.

I find writing articles about photography difficult for two reasons: 1. There are more exceptions than rules. 2. There are so many people so much more knowledgeable than I am, and I’m worried they’re reading this. I

Filter Photography Part 2: So how do they work?

Now that we can all sleep at night knowing we’re not really tampering in any unacceptable way with our photos when we filter them, (well I’m sleeping great, I don’t know about you) we can go ahead

Filter Photography Part 1: Waxing Philosophical

“Wow, did it really look like that?” Photographers are often asked this question.  Well, it could be an hour long philosophical discussion, but if you want to be absolutist about it the answer should invariably be “no”.