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Light. Part 1 – Photography by Marcus Brunnmeier

More of Marcus Brunnmeier’s photos can be found on: Flickr Our kids Go to Camp magazine Photography contest 2005, 2007, second 2006, runner up 2008 Our Canada Magazine,  2008 OVC photo contest Winner in multiple categories 2007,

One-Two Punch for Outdoor Photography – Part Two

Punch One To deal with the first issue of contrast ratios, there are several remedies.  One growing in popularity is the fine art of HDR photography, which I won’t get into here, save for the fact that

One-Two Punch for Outdoor Photography – Part One

By Marcus Brunnmeier All images copyright Marcus Brunnmeier One of the greatest challenges outdoor photographers frequently face is the fact that the sun, the brightest thing any of us has ever encountered, is our light source.  In