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Installing A Localhost Server

In this tutorial I will be explaining how to set up a localhost server on your computer with the help of Apache, PHP and MySQL. When building your website it’s always a good idea to work in

Yoga Poses Across the Powell Divide in British Columbia, Canada

I recently returned from an amazing mountaineering trip with my wife and step-father following the footsteps of Clark and Baldwin across the Powell Divide Traverse in British Columbia, Canada.  It is breathtaking country. While we were up

Astral Limited Edition GreenJacket PFD Designs

I recently ordered myself a new whitewater paddling rescue PFD. I decided to go with the Astral GreenJacket and the strong swimmer belt. To my amazement when I received the jacket it turned out to be The

Using Font Squirrel with the @font-face kit – Better Web Typography

If you’re like me and would prefer not to use one of the very few commonly installed web fonts, don’t worry there is a solution.  In the past if you wanted to add a bit of flare