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Great Minimally Design Website and Inspirational Portfolio of Dan Sternof Beyer

Hey check out this great website portfolio of Dan Sternof Beyer Ya lots of great stuff like this!  Check him out here!

SpriteSheets – Essential facts every game developer should know

This is a fun little video to give you a basic overview and benefits of using spritesheets.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Well then it’s time to watch the video!

25 Great Minimalist Desktop Wallpapers

Came across a great website dedicated to minimalist desktop wallpapers, oddly enough called Simple Desktops.  I had a lot of fun browsing the collection and narrowed down to my top 25.  Enjoy! Leave a comment let me

Penguin Group Logo Development From 1935 to Present Day

I noticed a great poster recently in a coffeeshop.  It featured the progression of the Penguin Group logo over the century.  It nice to see the changes the company has gone through in the last 77 years.  I decided