Beautiful Collection of Handcrafted Rings Designed by WOOD

Here’s a beautiful collection of handcrafted rings carved from broken skateboard decks. There are carved from all sorts of different broken skateboard decks so you get a great variety of colors to choose from.  You can find

Design Shifts Website Re-launch

So I decided to give my design blog designshifts a makeover.  The original site design was simple and worked just fine, but there were things that I really wanted to try that I just couldn’t do with

Website Design Makeover for Layers Magazine

A short while ago I was featured in the Design Makeover section of Layers magazine. They had asked me to come up with a website re-design for the Community Arts Center, Danville, KY. Before: The first thing

10 Photoshop Tips for Digital Illustration

I have put together a list of 10 Photoshop tips to help you get a leg up on your next Photoshop digital illustration or painting.  Most of these examples will be useful for any beginner or intermediate