15 Very Useful Fundamental Commands from the Command Line For Web Developers

What is the command line (prompt)? In simplest form, the command line is a user interface that’s navigated by typing commands, as opposed to using the mouse. Advantages of using the command line instead of your GUI (graphical

How to deconstruct Flash websites and Flash files

When viewing a stellar website or multimedia project, most people want to know how they did it. A lot of it is having a good eye for online technologies, but there are some tools that will help

Screen Resolution ≠ Browser Window

We often talk about screen resolution, which is not the relevant statistic when thinking about what space our website’s visitors have available. The relevant statistic is browser window size. So why do we talk about screen resolution

Resource of the week: selectivizr a JavaScript utility that emulates CSS3

I stumbled upon this great Javascript utility and thought there might be a few developers out there that would love to utilize this little gem. “selectivizr is a JavaScript utility that emulates CSS3 pseudo-classes and attribute selectors