You’re not a user experience designer if.

The UX field is booming. It seems like the number of user experience practitioners has doubled in the last year — from newbies who’ve just entered the workforce, to mid-career changes, to folks who’ve been doing this

20 Things You Don’t Want Have On Your Blog

If you’ve decided that blogging is going to be part of the way you market your business, you should make sure you don’t do any of the 2o things mentioned in this post. Chavah gives some great

25 Drupal 6 Module Life Savers

Drupal is a great CMS and I used it to build CMS Match. Along the way I’ve searched for many modules to extend my site, offered by the Drupal community. Most Drupal users around there must have

Special Character code for HTML and Flash

This chart below is code to add special characters to either HTML pages or to dynamic text fields using Flash. NOTE: Some codes shown below may not work for all Flash headers depending on the font face