WordPress: Optimize the Recent Post Widget – Exclude Categories

I was trying to find a way to exclude categories from the Genesis theme ‘Featured Post’ widget and got a bit sidetracked and ended up finding this useful piece of code for the ‘Recent Post’ widget. Not

Installing Apache Tomcat 7.0.x on OS X

I had to install Apache Tomcat recently for a project that I was working on and found a lack of clarity with the instructions that where provided. So I end up founding this article for Wolf Paulus

View Local WordPress Website on your iPhone or iPad with MAMP

I develop my web applications on a local server environment using MAMP Pro (MAC) and XAMPP (PC).  There are hundreds of reason for developing locally with a PHP/MySQL/Apache environment before jumping onto your live server (speed and security being the big

Adding Featured Thumbnail Images To A WordPress Template

I have had a couple questions recently about Featured thumbnails and adding them to your WordPress templates. This is infact a very easy thing to do, so I will make this a quick post, and of course