CW Image Optimizer plugin for WordPress (Part 1)

Steps: Install CW Image Optimizer plugin on your WordPress website (Part 1) Connect to your server through SSH via the Command line (in this case MT) (great chance to learn a few basic commands if your new to

15 Very Useful Fundamental Commands from the Command Line For Web Developers

What is the command line (prompt)? In simplest form, the command line is a user interface that’s navigated by typing commands, as opposed to using the mouse. Advantages of using the command line instead of your GUI (graphical

Ahhhhh yes. The Golden Hour.

I find writing articles about photography difficult for two reasons: 1. There are more exceptions than rules. 2. There are so many people so much more knowledgeable than I am, and I’m worried they’re reading this. I

Action Thriller 4: Time-lapse process by James White from Signalnoise

Take a look at this great time-lapse video from Singnalnoise.com.  It takes a 6hr process and cuts it down to 12 minutes.  Enjoy it, I know I did! Action Thriller 4: Time-lapse process