Adding Custom Widgets and Page Templates with WordPress

Let say you have all of your default sidebar widgets (this is based on the HTML5 twenty ten theme): primary , secondary, first footer, second footer widget, third footer, fourth footer.  This is great and will do

Screen Resolution ≠ Browser Window

We often talk about screen resolution, which is not the relevant statistic when thinking about what space our website’s visitors have available. The relevant statistic is browser window size. So why do we talk about screen resolution

Superfish dropdown menu appears behind slideshow, image etc. in IE7

This is a problem that I found when I was using a superfish drop-down menu with Drupal 7 and Omega, but it is a solution that would work across the board for anybody using a drop-down menu.

How To Switch Hosting Providers Without Downtime

The idea of moving your web site from one host to another can sometimes seem like a daunting task but the process of moving your site is simple when you know what steps to take and the