Step-by-Step Instructions for Upgrading your Drupal 6.x Modules

Upgrading your Drupal 6.x modules is will not be the most painful step in the life of your Drupal website once you’ve done it once, but it’s a little bit tricky taking that first step.  Things can

One-Two Punch for Outdoor Photography – Part One

By Marcus Brunnmeier All images copyright Marcus Brunnmeier One of the greatest challenges outdoor photographers frequently face is the fact that the sun, the brightest thing any of us has ever encountered, is our light source.  In

Installing A Localhost Server

In this tutorial I will be explaining how to set up a localhost server on your computer with the help of Apache, PHP and MySQL. When building your website it’s always a good idea to work in

Using Font Squirrel with the @font-face kit – Better Web Typography

If you’re like me and would prefer not to use one of the very few commonly installed web fonts, don’t worry there is a solution.  In the past if you wanted to add a bit of flare