10 Must Have MODx Revolution Extras

Want something that wasn’t included with MODx Revolution?

You can find out a little bit more about the Extras repository if you read Package Management and 3rd Party Components.  The repository has tuns of useful packages, including snippets, add-ons, templates and the list goes on.  I have put together a list of some very useful Extras to get you started.

Google SiteMap

Generates a Google SiteMap XML.


TinyMCE version 3.3.8 for MODx Revolution. Works with Revolution 2.0.0-RC2 or later only.

MetaX (Meta Tags Extended)

This snippet will help you keep your site optimized for search engines and save you a lot of time when creating a template by automatically doing almost all of the Meta work for you. For a full description and detailed support and instructions visit http://salscode.com/index.php?id=93.


This snippet will create a breadcrumb page trail navigation. It allows many configuration options such as limiting the number of crumbs shown, insertion of custom characters between crumbs, and hiding breadcrumbs on your home page to name a few.


getResources is a general-purpose listing and summarization snippet for MODx Revolution. Note: MODx recommends using getResources instead of Ditto, as Ditto will be phased out.


Wayfinder is a highly flexible navigation builder for MODx Revolution.  To view some example menus created with Wayfinder go here: http://muddydogpaws.com/development/wayfinder/examples/



  • MODx Revolution compatible
  • No email addresses on the screen or in the page source
  • Multiple, configurable, spam-proofing options
  • Full documentation on all options
  • Easily editable drop-down list of recipients
  • Relatively easy to install and configure
  • Easily ban individual spammers, domain names, or IP addresses
  • Send mail with phpMailer using mail() or authenticated SMTP
  • Multi-language support


A simple commenting system for MODx Revolution, complete with a backend management interface, threading support, moderation, notifications, and more.


This utility provides captcha verification in the MODx Manager login.


A generic wrapper snippet for returning paged results and navigation from snippets that return limitable collections.

I hope some of these can be of some use in your next project.  Right me a comment if you have already used any of these Extras and how it turned out.

  1. Hello Thanks for your suggestions above I am trying to use all of them. I have upgraded my site to Modx Revolution what do you think??

  2. For MODx Evo the eForm was the powerful tool. In terms of MODx Revo we just started developing new projects on it so new and exciting but it seemed that FormIt should be choice for MODx Revo or you think the SPForm is better?

  3. @Topher: SPForm is for MODx Evolution not Revolution. As the other poster suggests, Formit is it’s Revo replacement.

  4. You might want to add my Obfuscate Email to the list: Documentation page.

    It is by far the best one available for MODX Revolution that I have tested.

  5. Great list, but seeing TinyMCE on here makes me sad.

    • lol, ya this is a bit of an old list, I should really take a couple minutes at some point to update it! cheers.