20 fantastic movie inspired poster designs

Found a great website dedicated to “the fine art of film art”.  I had a lot of fun taking a look at all the great posters.  So much so that I decided to share a few that I got a real kick out of. Enjoy!  To check out a whole lot more: reelizer.com

slime time Slime Time

tumblr m0rf45nUuA1qe2w1uo1 1280 The Goonies

StayPuft PosterSmall Stay Puft

tumblr lzgf9oTYew1qmfjj7o1 1280 Back to the Future


The Princess Bride

001 476x320 Blade Runner

The Birds

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Creature from the Black Lagoon poster2 Creature from the Black Lagoon


Teen Wolf

house by cem add1 House by the Cemetery

Critters Poster1 Critters


Taxi Driver Poster1 Taxi Driver

Iron Giant

Storm is Coming

Dick Tracy

Attack on the Block

Die Hard

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