Be a Better Designer by Doing More Non-Design Things

Want to be a better designer? To come up with more creative and innovative designs? And make sure that you don’t deviate from the design career path that you’re most passionate and excited about? Well, you can be a better designer by doing more non-design things.

Huh? Be a better designer by actually doing more non-design activities? That may sound counterintuitive to some. After all, when someone wants to get better at something, they should surround themselves with more of that activity, not less, right? Well, not exactly.

Be a Better Designer by Doing More Non-Design Things

See, there are 3 reasons doing more non-design things rather than more design-related activities will actually benefit you by. The idea is to not get trapped in a design bubble. This way, when you come back to your design work after frequent breaks, you’ll be fully creatively charged. Which just doesn’t happen when you’re pretty much only doing design stuff.

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