Design Is Not The Goal

There is a well-known saying by Benjamin Franklin that states, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” If we take that lens to interaction design, we could say: In design nothing can be said to be certain, except eye candy and following new trends. The screens are changing, but the approach, sadly enough, is not.

Designers have penchant for all things with textures, embellishments, 3-D characteristics, as well as over-emphasized and generated effects — this where design is currently hovering. It is heavy on the visible layer of design and that is the intention. This approach is limiting because it places focus on getting attention for the design itself, rather than designing for purpose.

If I had to describe Web/interface design today I would say it looks like anything that Apple does — multiplied by ten. They have certainly given us some of the best examples of experiences and proven to be very profitable with them.

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