15 Great Logo Designs

15 logo designs that caught my eye from the Wolda the world wide logo design annual collection of logos of 2009/10.  This is by no means a complete list, so please feel free to comment or refer me to any other outstanding logo designs I might have neglected to mention. Enjoy!

Wolda Professional awards Best of the World, Best of Americas, Best of United States

Logo name: Circus of Magazines
Nation: United States
Designer(s): Olivier Courbet
Client: Circus of Magazines
Description: Logo created for Circus of Magazines™, an online marketplace for magazines. It combines an open magazine and a circus tent in order to represent the online community and by extension the website, a place where magazine lovers gather to buy, sell and exchange magazines. The challenge consisted of avoiding any clichés while keeping in mind the client’s desire to incorporate a classic circus feature in the mark. The final result is a simple and memorable logo and a mark that works well for stand-alone usage.

Logo name: Architects Revolver
Nation: Greece
Agency: Kommigraphics
Designer(s): Kosmas Apatangelos
Client: Architects Revolver.com
Description: Architects Revolver is a logo for the italian web forum architectsrevolver.com about architecture. New technologies, suggestions and comments about new trends and architectural designs can be found in this blog. The slogan is: Give it a “Shot” – suggesting by this way all young architects to participate and leave a comment!

Wolda Professional awards Best of Europe, Best of Germany

Logo name: Dr. med Michael Bach Main Logotype/Monogrammatica
Nation: Germany
Designer(s): Josef Stapel
Client: Dr. med Michael Bach gastroenterologe
Description: Logo design for Dr. Med. Michael Bach Gastroenterologists. The disease affecting the gastrointensity tract, which includes the organ from mouth to anus, along the alimentary canal, are the focus of this speciality. Physicians practices in this field of medicine are called Gastroenterologists. The shape of the logo symbolizes the alimentary canal and the monogram of Michael Bach. It is used with and without world mark, it depends on the usage of communication.

Wolda Professional awards Best of Japan

Logo name: In the City Entertainment
Nation: Japan
Agency: Graphik-Movements
Designer(s): Cory Williams Crowther
Client: In the City Entertainment Inc.
Description: “In the City Entertainment” specializes in productions, video production services, on-line content creation, electronic press kits, photo shoots, promo packages, press junkets, publicity and independent production. Their clients resources range from all Hollywood Studios, Networks, Executive Producers, Publicists and Marketing teams. Clientele include: Warner Bros. Int. Warner Bros. Studio, CBS, CW Network, TV Guide, WWE, FOX, Nickelodeon and others.

Logo name: ThinkTank
Nation: Slovenia
Agency: Merkur d.d., Marketing
Designer(s): Aljosa Senk
Client: Think Tank
Description: The gusher of ideas! A Christoph Kolumbus of new business opportunities. To see, what nobody imagines and to believe what nobody dares to. Through multidiscipline approach of pattern recognition, spotting a new niche before anyone else does. Understanding the connection between diverse, and seemingly separate, disciplines. To know how to link apparently unconnected elements to create a new ones. The capturing of the excess and fusing them into a new form not yet seen before…into a new concept. “You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But We dream things that never were; and say, ‘Why not?’” (George Bernard Shaw) is the firm slogan!

Logo name: LIVE
Nation: Russian Federation
Designer(s): Yaroslav Zheleznyakov
Client: The Live
Description: Logo for the closed portal (Internet) “The Live”. Hands (arrow clock) dial the hours plate… Our life inseparably linked with time. No forces can stop it. What about the continuity of life? Or it is better not to think of it? It is necessary to simply learn to appreciate the any moment of now.

Wolda Professional awards Best of Italy

Logo name: Bright.ly
Nation: Italy
Designer(s): Jona Sbarzaglia
Client: Bright.ly
Description: Bright.ly is a company specialized in social networking communication services founded by Francesco Giromini e Marco Gianstefani. Original creative format for: web, mobile and converging communication platforms were developed. Exclusive streaming technologies for the ultimate video interactive experience were delivered. Bright.ly is the converging experience.

Wolda Professional awards Best of Malta

Logo name: Birdlife
Nation: Malta
Agency: Bulldog
Designer(s): Ren Spiteri
Client: Birdlife Malta
Description: BirdLife is a global partnership of conservation organisations that strive to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity. Operating in over one hundred countries and territories worldwide, they work with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources. This logo forms part of a campaign designed to help Birdlife Malta stimulate social conscience about illegal bird hunting, while increasing pressure on the Maltese authorities to enforce international protection laws.

Logo name: Ecolabor
Nation: Brazil
Agency: Sebastiany Branding & Design
Designer(s): Guilherme Sebastiany, Akira Goto, Andrea Kulpas, Eder Santos, Corine Cardoso, Gustavo Moreira, Rafael Toledo
Client: Ecolabor
Description: ECOLABOR is a brazilian private company. Since 1992, it provides laboratory analysis and environmental consultancy, including sampling services, to Brazil and South America. The company had the need to change its old logo, since it was expanding and upgrading the values it stands up for. The new logo should show transparency and uniqueness, but still demonstrate precision. Besides the test tube had been very common in laboratory logos, its shape has been used subjectively in oder to reveal the transparency and the environmental values they stand for. By working on a geometric and modular typography, their sharpness was expressed without austerity or inflexibility.

Logo name: The Waterfront
Nation: Australia
Agency: SML / Small Medium Large
Designer(s): Vanessa Ryan, Troy Dagan
Client: The Waterfront
Description: The Waterfront is a modern residential apartment development overlooking the waterfront in Sydney Australia.

Logo name: Tractor
Nation: Australia
Agency: Naughtyfish
Designer(s): Paul Garbett
Client: Tractor
Description: This logo was created for Tractor, a design school in Australia.

Wolda Professional awards Best of Sweden

Logo name: 1177
Nation: Sweden
Agency: Deasign
Designer(s): Daniel Bruce, Daniel Flodman
Client: Deasign
Description: 1177 is the new national number to call and visit online for advice and help regarding medical care and medical service in Sweden. The brand is owned and run by Swedens 20 county councils and may be used together with their respective identities. The logo had to be very legible but at the same time have a distinct identity of its own. An identity that should articulate the core values of the brand aswell as its purpose. Inspiration for solution came from doctors white coats, bandages and awareness ribbons among othes.

Wolda Professional awards Best of Slovenia

Logo name: Nan∞
Nation: Slovenia
Agency: Merkur d.d., Marketing
Designer(s): Aljosa Senk
Client: Merkur, d.d.
Description: Logo for Biva’s (brand) household product line of impregnating agents, named Nan∞, for almost infinite range of materials (stone, wood, glass…), all based on nano sized particles in form of liquid dispersions. Due to the changed surface tension of the a particular material (where agent was applied), the water forms a distinctive pattern of diffused droplets and trickles off of it.

Logo name: Ognev studio
Nation: Russian Federation
Agency: Superred
Designer(s): Yuri Pakuev, Sergey Kuzmin
Client: Denis Ognev
Description: A hair salon run by Denis Ognev – a professional hair stylist. Denis wanted a personal logo that would reflect his hobby and his profession. He is keen on myths and culture of American Indians. Indian myths were studied and got stumbled by Kokopelli, a deity of Native Americans (it was believed that Kokopelli brings luck to everyone who sees him). Kokopelli has long beautiful hair and plays the flute. One of Kokopelli images showed him squatting and holding a flute above his head. A flute was replaced with scissors and made a logo (which hopefully would bring luck to anyone who sees it).

Logo name: seghementali
Nation: Italy
Designer(s): Raffaele Sabella
Client: Raffaele Sabella
Description: “Seghe Mentali” in italian literally means “mental Wank” but “sega” has another meaning as well that of the “saw”. It is a phrase used to describe people who dream with open eyes, and think that everything is possible. This naming has created a line of illustrations and t-shirts. The mark is a head from which a saw escapes … ironic and immediate.

A special mention for this logo design (student entry!) from the HOW logo design competition 2010

City: Hoboken
State: NJ
Country: United States
Entry Title: Bronx Zoo Student Project Logo
Client (Company Name):
Submitting Company / Organization:
Creative Team: Carrie Madigan (Student at Pratt University)
Firm Website: carriemadigan.com
Judges Comments: Inviting child-like imagery is in this logo, but there’s much more to be seen when taking a second look.