Nature at its Finest! – Photography by Marcus Brunnmeier

Examples of some beautiful photography to give you a bit of a break from whatever it is that you’re pretending to be working on. Instead here’s a little enjoyment and inspiration. Each week I’ll try to update the inspiration section of the website with a great variety of new media and designs. Anything and everything from great websites, amazing branding, 3D effects, digital illustration and of course lots of great photography. So give yourself five minute to enjoy browsing through this collection of photo’s!

More of Marcus Brunmeier’s photos can be found in:

Our kids Go to Camp magazine Photography contest 2005, 2007, second 2006, runner up 2008
Our Canada Magazine,  2008
OVC photo contest Winner in multiple categories 2007, 2008
Camp Kandalore Brochures
Our World Ontario Biodiversity Video Government of Ontario
BEAN (Biodiversity Education and Awareness Network) Slide show, Government of Ontario